It seemed fitting for my son’s 2nd birthday to do something with trains. We had initially wanted to hold it at the Fox Valley Trolley Museum (review here), but they had not started their season just yet. I had even called a place to see how much it would be to rent a trackless train. Their response – $895! No way! So when I was flipping through the Schaumburg Park District brochure, I saw that they offered a train party…with a trackless train! How exciting! I also had the opportunity to scope out the park before the party for the Schaumburg Bunny Bash. (review here)


Nitty Gritty:

My son had his second birthday party at the Safety Park located behind the Pat Shepherd Center in May. The Safety Park is actually located outside the Pat Shepherd Center, a preschool in Schaumburg. There are other options besides a train party. You can opt to have a jeep party, LEGO party, bike party. We decided to forego the party package which includes a safety lesson, games, pizza, cake and goody bags.

The fun:

  • When booking a party at Safety Park, you get a party host. Our party host,  Jessica,  was exceptional! She was also our train conductor.
  • The facility itself is really cute – a mini town with train signals that turn on.
  • The party, of course, came with an 18 passenger trackless train that would loop around the area a few times.
  • The park also has a train structure that my son seemed to gravitate to when the “real” train was not operating.
  • Plus, if you are interested you can have them open up the adjoining playground with a basketball hoop.
  • When booking a party with them, you are also given the use of a room (preschool classroom) where you can serve the birthday cake and food. There are picnic tables all over the park, and for a small fee you can ask for a table to put inside the classroom.

Bottom line:

YES, YES, and YES!! The facility is wonderful and accommodating, plus my son had so much fun riding on the train, playing with the train structure and the adjoining playground. My only complaint is that you can only rent the park for 2 hours. Those 2 hours went by fast and I would have extended it in a heartbeat if I could.

Tip: They are usually closed to the public, but on occasion they open it up to the public. For instance they have Sundays at Safety Park where you can drive, peddle and ride around the Park on the train, big wheels and electric jeeps.