Kenosha Public Museum

Nitty Gritty:   

Admission is free (suggested donation of $2) at the Kenosha Public Museum and is located on the shores of Lake Michigan in Kenosha’s Harbor Park. There is a streetcar stop nearby and plenty of parking.  It is stroller friendly. There are no places to eat here, but there are places around downtown to grab food and have a picnic at the picturesque Harbor Park. 
The Fun: 
Kenosha Public Museum is both a natural history and art museum.  When you enter the room, you’ll come face to face with a scary looking fish. This was enough to send my two-year-old in the other direction.
How scary!
 But we gave it another try and quickly zipped past the “scur” fish and then came face to face with the oldest and largest wooly mammoth ever found in North America.  


The second floor houses their special exhibits and the fine arts. My husband is a huge baseball fan and was delighted to see the temporary exhibit “Reggie Jackson and the Original 500 Club”.  They display items such bats, gloves, and uniforms  that were used by the many home run greats  Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron.  Walk to the room across the hall and you’ll also find the fine arts section here with fake “wildlife” such as tigers, bears, and zebras.  That alone was enough to keep the little ones entertained. The best part (according to my 2-year-old) was seeing paintings of dinosaurs.

Bottom Line:   

Yes, check out this great free museum. It is very well worth your time if you’re in the area.


  • It’s best to start on the first floor and work your way starting from the left. 
  • Go to the second floor for awesome views of the harbor.
  • Check out the field station area for hands-on fun!
  • There’s no photography allowed for the Reggie Jackson exhibit.
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