Nitty Gritty:

Ticket prices: Admission is $7 for adults; $5 for youth. The museum is part of the ASTC program, so admission would be free. (I absolutely love this program! Read more about it here )
Location: 1717 W 12th St., Davenport, Iowa
Parking: Parking lot with plenty of space
Stroller-friendly? We brought two strollers and had no problem navigating through with elevators located throughout the building. My only gripe? There are doors located throughout the museum that said they were Wheelchair accessible, but the button to open the door didn’t work. Not such a big deal since my husband or I could hold the door, but I can imagine the frustration if someone in a wheelchair needed to get through.
Food: There is a concession stand with plenty of tables
Crowded: We were here on a Saturday morning and it was crowded but not to the point that it was unbearable. It was probably due to the special event happening.
Misc: There is a coat rack for jackets and an IMAX theatre
Gift Shop: A definite stop with a nice variety of items


  • A surprisingly number of interactive exhibits including:
    • Banging the huge drum at the Uwé Warúmi exhibit, a recreated trading post that helps visitors understand the relationship between the Native American and Euro Americans
    • A small, but fun space section 
  • Mummies in Iowa? 
  • …and my train fan even found a few trains 
Hey, Mommy! It’s a train!!
  • A beautiful coral reef…
  •  …but not just any coral reef – one that is completely knitted! About 800 participants helped in this project with over 4000 pieces. 

Tips to enjoy the Putnam Museum:

  • There’s plenty of things to do here. If you are pressed for time, check out their map online and plan what you want to do.

    Bottom Line:

    If you are in the Quad Cities, make sure to stop by. With an abundance of interactive exhibits throughout the museum, kids will no doubt have a wonderful time.

    What do you do when you’re in the Quad Cities?

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    Disclosure: Our family was provided complimentary admission to the Putnam Museum. I was not required to express a particular point of view and all opinions are my own.