Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago - Family Fun Day

My husband and I have never visited The Museum of Contemporary Art and this was on our Chicago “bucket list.” When we heard that the Museum offered Family Days with free entrance for families, we were all over it.

The nitty gritty: We came here in January for the Family Fun Day which was FREE for families with children under 12. There is parking located right next to the museum (about half a block). Be sure to validate your ticket and get $3 off. We went on a Saturday morning. It wasn’t terribly busy so I was able to use my stroller around the whole museum (though they offer stroller parking also)

The fun: The MCA does a great job of making contemporary art accessible to children by offering Family Fun Days every month with a different theme.There were stations located throughout the museum where kids could participate in a hands-on activity. That was really neat. .

Kid’s favorites: The fish pond located at the bottom floor and the hands on stations.

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago - Family Fun Day Pond

Parent’s favorites: Free food at the bottom floor – clementines, goldfish, fruit snacks, waters, juice. All for FREE! You can also bring your own lunch and snack here. I wish I had more time to explore their gift shop. Lots or really neat things here.

Tips: Be sure to stop by the basement for the free snacks. The Puck’s restaurant offered a free kid’s lunch with an adult purchase. We didn’t get to take advantage of this as our toddler was getting cranky, plus the newborn was being a little bit fussy at the time.

Would I go here again? I would probably only come here for another family fun event. My son didn’t really enjoy the museum per se. Even without the kids, I don’t think me and the hubs would come again unless there was a fabulous exhibit not to miss. I guess contemporary art just ain’t our thang.