After a fun, yet tiring day at the close by Phillips Park (review here), we were hungry and wanted something to eat – fast. We remembered passing by the Doggie Diner and decided we’d love to try it.

So it’s a drive-in complete with a car-hop who will come and take your order (though not on roller skates). You have the choice of eating in your car as they bring a tray that attaches to your window, or like us, you can sit on the tables provided outside.

Upon glancing at the menu, you’ll find many choices – too many choices. You’ll find your typical fast food and diner food on the menu. I got the Texas Burger which reminded me of a Big Mac complete with a special sauce and 2 patties. It was yummy, but definitely messy to eat. The corn dog and the jumbo fried shrimp were good, but nothing special. The food comes in huge portions. The best part was getting the homemade root beer in a frosted mug. Perfect for a warm summer day, I gulped that baby down and wanted more….and more…and more…The best part – free refills! In fact, we noticed that another car in the parking lot came just for the root beer and refills.

Though I wouldn’t go out of my way to come here, the next time I’m in the area, I wouldn’t hesitate to come here again…well at least for the root beer.