As I mentioned previously, my family and I are starting to eat more healthy and with that comes meal planning and prepping. In order to do so, we need to weigh our food all the time and then store it. Quite honestly our old scale didn’t cut it and our containers were nothing more than regular Tupperware. So when an opportunity presented itself to try out the new Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen Scale and Ozeri INSTAVAC Nesting Food Storage Set (aff. links), we couldn’t wait! We use them every day and it’s helped wonders.


Ozeri II DIgital Kitchen Scale

  • Design. Having a scale around is no longer an eyesore. The scale is thin and sharp and even looks like an iPad. In fact, we keep it out on our counter because it is convenient and it quite frankly it looks good! It comes in different colors (red, teal blue, white) if you really want to match.

  • Options. The option to measure between dry and liquid ingredients is so useful.
  • Conversion. The button to convert between pounds and grams is so easy. Just press the easy unit button.

  • Saves battery. It provides both Low Battery and Overload indicators. It automatically turns off after two minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life.
  • Stays clean. Having Microban built-in antimicrobial protection gives peace of mind. We no longer have to worry about the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria.
  • Weighs items up to 18 pounds. Yes, this feature came in handy when my husband needed to weigh 9 pounds of chicken.

Ozeri Instavac Nesting Food Storage Container Set

  • Storage is easy. Since it nests, I can easily store it inside each other without using a lot of space.
  • Design. I love that it’s a square. It’s easily to store in the fridge. Plus, lovin’ the lime green!

  • Variety. The set comes with 4 containers ranging from small 3 cups to a large 21 cups.
  • Stays fresh longer. Since Air is forced out through the one-way valve, it helps removes extra air thus reducing naturally occurring bacteria. That way your items stay fresh longer!
  • Easy to operate. With its instant vacuum, it stays fresh without pumps, motors or confusing parts. All you need to do is press down on the lid and that’s it!
  • Handy wave pattern. This pattern on the bottom of each container is helpful in elevating the fruit/veggies from the water/juices on the bottom.
  • Date dial. Didn’t really think it would come in handy, but it does! The dial helps record when the food was stored and helps you identify how many days it’s been in the fridge/freezer.

  • Great quality. It’s BPA-free, stain-resistant, and shatter-proof.
  • Versatile. Love that I can throw this in the dishwasher. I can even put it in the freezer or microwave.

Bottom Line:

We love our new Ozeri products. We use our Ozeri Touch Digital Scale every single day and absolutely love it! The Ozeri INSTAVAC has worked wonders in keeping our food stay fresher. We highly recommend these items to anybody looking to stay healthy.

Disclosure. I was provided the products in exchange for a review.  As always, the opinions expressed are those of my own. The post may contain affiliate links.