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With a family always on the go exploring or planning our next adventure, grocery shopping tends to always fall on the backburner. As a mother to three young children, I’m always worried about our food choices, especially when it comes to beverages.

Heard of FOMO? Well, you may have FORO: Fear of Running Out. #NoMoreFORO with ReadyRefreshSM by Nestlé®.

Heard of FOMO? Well, you may have FORO: Fear of Running Out. #NoMoreFORO with ReadyRefreshSM by Nestlé®.

For example, did you know that beverages account for 47% of added sugars in the U.S. American Diet and more than 13% of calories consumed per day? As you may have guessed, the newly released 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that the primary beverage consumed should be either calorie-free – especially water – or should contribute beneficial nutrients such as fat-free and low-fat milk and 100% juice.

Well, life just got a little bit easier with ReadyRefresh℠ by Nestlé®.

What in the world is FORO?

Does this ever happen to you? You’ve just noticed that you’re running low on bottled water. As the supply dwindles, you begin to hoard those last few bottles for your kids, your spouse, or even just a thirstier moment. You’re dreading a trip to the grocery store at all costs, especially when you have kids in tow, and you can’t help but worry about what your kids will have to drink at the playground today. In my case, buying just one bottle (or three) is a pain since I’ll need more in no time.
Buying a case of water is tough enough when I’m carrying a baby and wrangling two boys.

What you’re experiencing, my friends, is the phenomenon referred to as The Fear of Running Out (FORO) —denying yourself and your family the bottled water they want just so you don’t have to go back to the store or add another inconvenience to your day. As I know from experience, thirsty choices aren’t always smart choices, and the lack of healthy beverage options often means your family is reaching for what’s available, which could be sugary sodas or juices.

Don’t believe in FORO? Check out this video with my friend Shannan from Between Us Parents who was part of an experiment to test the reality of the Fear of Running Out. (What a cute family!)

ReadyRefresh believes that your hydration should never hinge on the inconvenience of restocking your water supply. Having your favorite bottled water on hand, without hassle, keeps you in control of what you drink, and when. Because when you’re thirsty, you should get to drink your beverage of choice—not fall victim to Fear of Running Out. With ReadyRefresh never suffer from the Fear of Running Out again.

No more worries

Now there’s an easy way to bring a little more health into your home (and conveniently) through a customizable beverage delivery service that provides your family with a variety of leading bottled water brands like Ice Mountain, Nestlé Pure Life, Perrier, and San Pellegrino.  ReadyRefresh is proud to offer expanded delivery hours, flexible frequency options (choose weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, every 3 months or even one-time ordering) for any product delivered and increased communication (pre-delivery and post-delivery notifications).

Vera Sweeney Family Nestle Water May 14, 2016 in Garden City, NY (Lee Weissman/Feature Photo Service for Nestle Water)

Vera Sweeney Family Nestle Water May 14, 2016 in Garden City, NY (Lee Weissman/Feature Photo Service for Nestle Water)

The ReadyRefresh mission is simple: make it easy for you and your family to live a healthier life. With just a few clicks, or a few taps on your mobile device, through ReadyRefresh,com, you’ll quickly customize your order for thirst-quenching beverages delivered right to your door.

And whether you choose the easy access of a water dispenser or the flexibility of small on-the-go sizes, one thing’s for sure – when you choose ReadyRefresh, you’re setting a good example by encouraging everyone in your home to drink more water.

My thoughts on ReadyRefresh

We had the opportunity to test out the service ourselves and let me tell you – it rocks!

  • Placing an order is a cinch. Signing up for the ReadyRefresh delivery was easy peasy. And luckily, since I was placing a first-time order, everything was 50% off. Score! Not only did I get a great deal, but the entire process was seamless. After choosing what I wanted, I was able to choose the quantity and then how often I wanted to receive it. Some of the items even had reviews which were helpful when trying to choose flavored water. Then as an added convenience, the site showed suggestions on similar products.

Screenshot 1 - 3

Screenshot 4-5

  • Receiving the items were just as easy. With your permission, they can leave the order by the front if you aren’t able to receive it physically. The nice delivery man hauled the items we ordered into the garage. I was asking about his favorite drink (Citrus Green Tea) and he even gave me a few to try out. How’s that for customer service!


ReadyRefresh Delivery

  • Perfect timing! Our order of water and tea came at the most ideal time. The fact that we were moving and the weather was a steamy 90 degrees each day made it most ideal to grab a cold one from the fridge.


Stats that make you go, hmmmm…

Check out these stats from a national survey of 4,000 people across the country on water consumption habits and FORO.

ReadyRefresh Infographic

Nitty Gritty:

Do you want to avoid FORO? Check out ReadyRefresh to avoid #NoMoreFORO.

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Have you experienced FORO? Let’s hear about it!